Kid mugged for $2 on Henry Street

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Beaten for $2

Two thugs robbed an 11-year-old boy on Henry Street on Oct. 19, but only made off with $1 each.

The victim was approaching Second Place at 12:30 pm when the teenage crooks punched him in the stomach ordered him to empty his pockets.

Gate check

A thief tried to break into a First Street home on Oct. 19, but fled empty-handed when the 37-year-old homeowner opened the door and screamed at him.

The thief smashed a vestibule door window to the home between Bond and Hoyt streets at 5:20 am.

Cell swipe

A thief plucked a cellphone from a man in the Red Hook IKEA on Oct. 16.

The victim was inside the Beard Street big box at 4:15 pm when the thief snaked his hand into the man’s jacket pocket, pinching the phone.

iPad pluck

A thief entered a Van Dyke Street insulation and refrigeration company on Oct. 10, taking two iPads.

Workers at the business between Van Brunt and Conover streets said that the iPads were taken out of an employee locker — leading them to believe it may have been an inside job.

Left flat

Thieves swiped the tires off of two cars in Carroll Gardens this week. Here’s what happened.

• A crook stole two tires and a set of rims from a Honda CRV on DeGraw Street on Oct. 19 — leaving the SUV teetering on a crate.

The victim parked his SUV near Hicks Street at 5 pm, but didn’t learn about the theft until 2 am the following morning.

• Some nut unscrewed two tires and rims from a 2010 Nissan Maxima parked on Sackett Street on Oct. 22.

The car lost its wheels as it sat between Hoyt and Smith streets sometime after 11:30 pm.

— Thomas Tracy

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