Kidnapped and mugged


A cretin was arrested for kidnapping a woman, stealing her stuff and trying to lock her in his basement on Franklin Avenue on Nov. 6.

The 22-year-old woman told cops that the thug took her to his home south of Williamsburg near Park Avenue against her will at about 1:10 pm. He dragged her into the basement, held a knife to her face and demanded her cellphone and wallet. Then he left the home, restrained the woman and tied the door shut with an electrical cord to prevent her escape.

Details are sketchy, but the woman managed to get out and contact cops, who collared the 40-year-old creep.

The wrestler

A thug choke-slammed a man on Leonard Street and stole his cash early on Nov. 2.

The victim told cops that he was near Calyer Street when the Macho Man rip-off waltzed up and put him in a choke hold, then slammed him to the ground at about 5:25 am. Then the thug punched the man in the face and took his wallet before fleeing.


A brute knocked a man unconscious and stole more than $3,000 from him on Bedford Avenue on Nov. 3.

The victim said that he was on the busy strip near Metropolitan Avenue at about 9:20 pm when he was hit from behind with a hard object. He blacked out — and when he came to his backpack, laptop and cash were gone.

Cleaned out

Some burglars broke into a dry cleaner on McGuinness Boulevard and took everything of value on Nov. 4.

The owner of the shop, which is between Greenpoint Avenue and Calyer Street, said he arrived at the shop at 8 am to find the locks broken on the front door. Inside, the company safe, cash and checkbook were all missing. The shop had security cameras, but alas, they didn’t work.


Some swindlers jacked a bunch of electronics from an apartment on Greenpoint Avenue on Nov. 6.

The victim told cops that she left her home, which is near McGuinness Boulevard, at 11:30 am. When she came back at 4:30 pm, her door had been busted up and was wide open. The perps had taken an iPad, laptops, a TV and cameras.

— Andy Campbell