Kids learn how to keep their pearly whites sparkling

Sisters (from left) Carianne, 9, and Devan Sconzo, 15, of Rockaway, show-off their free toothbrushes at the Dental Health Day Children’s Program at the Aviator Sports and Events Center at Floyd Bennett Field on Feb. 5.
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

Kids learned that keeping their teeth white and clean can be fun during the Dental Health Day Children’s Program, which was held at the Aviators Sports Center in Floyd Bennett Field on Feb. 5.

With the use of fun props like oversized toothbrushes and floss, as well as cool giveaways, youngsters had a blast getting a lesson in brushing and flossing.

“We like to use the expression, ‘happiness is a healthy mouth,’ ” said dentist Dr. Reneida Reyes. “The rationale behind that is, there’s no such thing as a happy kid with a toothache.”

The dental event also featured Dr. Rabbit — the mascot of proper oral hygiene.

“Dr. Rabbit, I call him the pied piper, he’s the mascot that attracts the children’s attention and allows them to listen to the other information that was provided,” said Reyes.

Other attractions included the Colgate van, a mobile dentist’s office where kids were offered pro-bono checkups and the obligatory free toothbrush, as well as the Dr. Molar Magic Show, where kids learned to floss and brush by using oversized dental props.

“The kids got really involved” said Reyes. “Kids like to be engaged and they do better if you make them active participants.”

But kids weren’t the only ones learning about the craft of tooth care.

“We try to teach parents to read the labels on the cereal boxes and to teach kids that they shouldn’t drink their fruits, they should eat them,” explained Reyes.

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