Kids learn the art of the bow in Marine Park

Not (just) for kids: Kids and several adults, including Anthony Baldini of Marine Park, came to Marine Park on April 8 for an archery lesson, courtesy of the park rangers.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

The “Hunger Games” may be a work of fiction, but just in case life starts imitating art, kids are learning to protect themselves — with arrows!

Kids, teens, and adults flocked to the handball court in Marine Park’s Lenape Playground for archery lessons on April 8, courtesy of the park’s expert, arrow-slinging rangers.

“We’ve been offering archery lessons for some years now, but I know that with the ‘Hunger Games’ there has abeen a lot more interest in it,” said a Parks spokesman.

Newcomers were given lessons on the basic techniques of archery, including how to stand and how to hold the bow, before getting three chances to strike the target.

“You have to make sure that the feathers are not going to hit the bow,” said Sergeant Rick Amorocho, a city park ranger. “Then, you have to hold up the bow, line up the sight, and pull back as hard as you can. While you’re aiming, it’s important to breath in and out, and while you’re breathing in, that’s when you shoot.”

Not everyone who showed up was an archery newbie, however — some people even brought their own bows!

“We did get some people that brought their own bows, but we don’t allow that, simply because we don’t know how potent their bows are. We didn’t want anybody shooting through the target,” said Amorocho.

Archery vets were forced to use the park’s standard recurve bows, but, fortunately, everybody had a good time and nobody went home with any extra belly buttons.

“Some were hitting the target, some were missing, but everybody had good time just trying to shoot,” Amorocho said.

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