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Kissing bandit

Pedo perp

A knife-wielding man mugged a girl as she was walking home from the subway on May 15.

The 14-year-old girl told police that she was on the corner of Pacific Street and Fourth Avenue at 7:30 pm when a man walked up to her and said, “Give me a kiss!”

The creepy criminal then snatched her $600 cellphone. When the girl tried to take it back, the perp produced a dagger and slashed her across the left hand, causing a deep gash, before running off.


Someone broke into a van on Clinton Street on May 12 and stole a laptop.

The owner returned to the Chevy van, which had been parked between Pierrepont Street and Cadman Plaza West, at 10:30 am to discover that the passenger-side window had been smashed and his $1,500 computer was missing.

Three to one

Three men mugged a pedestrian on Wyckoff Street on May 13, kicked and punched him, and stole his wallet.

The victim told cops he was walking between Court and Smith streets at 3:50 pm when the three perps attacked him. After beating him up, they stole his iPod and a wallet containing $50.

Take my wife!

Someone stole a car from the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Clinton Street on May 16, but he probably didn’t have too hard a time of it.

The owner’s wife told cops that she had accidentally left the car’s doors unlocked, and had left a spare ignition key inside the car overnight. When she returned to her husband’s parking spot at 11 am, she discovered the car missing.

The thief also got children’s clothes, a small bicycle, a car seat, books, CDs, and other items totaling $5,575.

Purple pirate

Someone broke into a Jay Street office on May 11 and stole a brand-new computer while the owner was in the bathroom.

The victim told cops that he had left his office, in a building near John Street in DUMBO, at 7:30 pm for a 10-minute bathroom break, leaving his door cracked. When he returned, he spotted a man in a purple shirt running off with his new, $3,000 computer under his arm.

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