Knife mugging on Prospect Place

77th Precinct

Prospect Heights

Real sharp

A knife-wielding thief stole $80 from a woman on Prospect Place on June 11.

The victim told cops that she was between Underhill and Vanderbilt avenues at 2 pm when a man approached, showed his switchblade and demanded her money and cellphone. She didn’t have a phone, but she did give up her cash.


A man was arrested after entering a woman’s apartment on Grand Avenue and hanging out long enough to be caught, on June 12.

The victim told cops that she returned to her apartment between Bergen Street and St. Marks Avenue at 9:30 am after shopping. When she opened her bedroom closet to put away her new stuff, the perp jumped out, pushed her out of the way and escaped through the front door.

He was later ID’d as a maintenance worker in her building.

Purse snatch

A thief stole a woman’s purse at a Vanderbilt Avenue night club on June 11.

The woman told cops that she set her purse on her chair at the bar between Dean and Bergen streets at 10:30 pm. When she turned her back, the thief swiped the purse, and the $150 and LG phone in it.

Forgot something

A vandal shattered the windows of a car on St. Marks Avenue, but did not take anything.

The car’s owner told cops that she parked between Grand and Underhill avenues at 1 pm on June 11, and returning at 6:30 pm on June 12 to find the damage.

Smash and grab

There were at least four car thefts this week:

• A thief stole a $100 Fluven Sharlene’s gift certificate and a $150 gym bag from a car on Washington Avenue between St. Marks Avenue and Prospect Place between 11 pm on June 6 and 2 pm on June 7.

• A thief stole a $200 navigational system from a car on Underhill Avenue between Bergen Street and St. Marks Avenue sometime between June 6 and June 10.

• A thief swiped an air bag from a car on Underhill Avenue between Prospect and Park places at around 2 am on June 6.

• A thief took a $350 stereo and CDs from a car on Sterling Place between Underhill and Washington avenues between June 3 and June 5.

Wheel of a steal

There were at least two bike thefts in this week:

• A thief stole just a front wheel — valued at $160 — from a bike locked up on Dean Street between Sixth and Carlton avenues at 8:30 pm on June 13.

• A thief took a $500 bike from a store on Vanderbilt Avenue between Bergen and Dean streets at 7:40 pm on June 13.

Good stuff

Two men were arrested for possession of heroin at their apartment on Lincoln Place on June 10.

Police had a search warrant to enter the apartment between Underhill and Washington avenues at 6:20 am. The police found heroin labeled “Top Choice,” and glass tubes and a scale containing cocaine residue — as well as the two accused men.

— J.J. Despain