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Knife-toting jerk slashes woman

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Sharp suspect

A knife-wielding thug slashed a woman on Flatlands Avenue on April 28.

The victim told police that she was near E. 56th street at 4:50 pm when the wacko drew his knife and cut her left bicep and the left side of the her torso.

Easy pickings

Two crooks robbed a child of his cellphone on Avenue H on April 24.

The 11-year-old victim told police that he was waiting for the bus near Utica Avenue on at 4:15 pm when the two thugs forced the victim’s Dart cellphone out of his hands and fled.


Cops arrested three boys between the ages of 13 and 14, for allegedly beating and attempting to rob a kid on Avenue M on April 27.

The victim told police that he was near Ralph Avenue at 8:15 am when the teens knocked him to the ground and went through his pockets. The victim didn’t have anything of value and the suspects fled empty-handed.

Apple picking

A crook robbed a 13-year-old kid of his iPhone on Avenue U on April 27.

The victim told police that he was near Ryder Street at 3:45 pm when the thief approached him. “Give me your phone,” the thief demanded, and the pint-sized victim handed over the pricey cellphone.

Anger issues

A 51-year-old man was arrested for allegedly beating a woman inside an Avenue K apartment on April 25.

The victim told police that she was inside the home between E. 36th and E. 37th streets at 8 am when the man began punching, kicking, and choking her.

Would-be killer

A gun-wielding thug fired shots at a cop on E. 38th Street on April 25.

The officer reported that he was between Avenues I and J at around 7 pm when the goon fired four shots in his direction. Fortunately, the officer wasn’t hit and the thug fled down an alley.

Laptop lost

Two 21-year-old men were arrested for allegedly robbing an E. 69th Street house on April 23.

The suspects entered the victim’s home between Avenues N and T through around 7:41 pm, taking various electronics — including a laptop and TV — cops said.

HP perp

A thief stole electronics from an Avenue K apartment on April 25.

Cops said the crook entered the apartment between E. 36th and E. 37th streets through the front door around 6:20 am, and took an HP computer and a watch before fleeing.

Clothing crook

Someone took clothes from a Royce Place apartment on April 24.

The crook broke into the apartment between E. 72nd and Royce streets through a front window around 12:30 am — and took clothes and sneakers before fleeing — cops said.

Apple bobbing

Two crooks robbed a woman on E. 58th Street on April 23 — taking her iPhone.

The victim told police that she was near Avenue K at 5:10 pm when the crooks snatched the expensive phone from her hand.

— Colin Mixson

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