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Knife-toting villain sticks up woman for $43

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Low bid

A goon held a woman up at knife-point on W. 12th Street for $43 on March 30, according to cops.

The victim reported that she was near Avenue P on her way home at 11:20 am when the lowlife came up and demanded her cellphone. The woman refused and instead offered the robber $3 in cash, cops said. The fiend replied by pulling a knife, authorities stated.

“I won’t hurt you, give me your phone,” the scoundrel supposedly said.

The victim instead gave him all her money — $43 — and the crook took it and fled, a report states.

Senior clash

A goon knocked down a 70-year-old woman for her purse on 64th Street on March 26, police reported.

The victim told cops she was walking between 17th and 18th avenues at 12:25 am when the punk ran up behind her and shoved her to the pavement — severely wrenching her shoulder.

The lout then yanked away her pocketbook and ran into the nearby 18th Avenue N train station, cops said. There he pulled out the lady’s cellphone and $310 and abandoned the bag, according to authorities. Surveillance videos show him fleeing out the other end of the train stop, officers stated.

Citizen’s arrest

Cops collared a man who they say attempted to steal a man’s cellphone inside a New Utrecht Avenue store on March 29 — only to have the victim chase him down and catch him moments later.

The wouldn’t-be victim told police he was inside the shop between 77th and 78th streets at 10 am when the man in custody snatched his mobile device from his hand and ran. The phone’s owner said he pursued the accused and tackled him a few blocks away, recovered the gadget, and called the authorities to come pick the suspect up.

Friendly fire

A man attacked and choked a buddy of his at a Bay Parkway residence on March 28, authorities said.

The victim said he and his chum got into an argument inside the building between 88th and 89th streets at 1:30 am — provoking his pal to punch him in the stomach and attempt to strangle him, according to police.

Coffee break

A goon chucked a glass bottle at another man’s face inside a Stillwell Avenue cafe on March 22, cops said.

The victim said the villain flung the container at him inside the espresso stop between 86th Street and Avenue T at 11 pm — striking him on the nose and opening up several cuts.

— Will Bredderman

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