Knife-wielding criminal stabs man in road rage incident

72nd Precinct

Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

Road wars

A knife-wielding villain slashed a man after the two men got into a car accident on 53rd Street on Oct. 18.

The victim told police that he crashed his car into the goon’s vehicle near Fourth Avenue at 3:30 pm, causing the perp to take out a knife and stab him several times on his hands, stomach, and shoulder.

Bumbling burglar

A sneak attempted a failed home invasion on 40th Street on Oct. 18.

The victim told police that he was in the apartment near Fourth Avenue at around 4:30 pm when the would-be pilferer unsuccessfully attempted to break in through the fire escape.

Home invasion

A heartless pirate stole a woman’s life savings from her Fifth Avenue home on Sept. 25.

The victim told police that the crook snagged $22,000 from the bedroom of her home near 53rd Street at around 2 pm, while she was away on a business trip.

The victim suspects that her roommate allowed the thief into the home, according to police reports.


A thief swiped a barcode scanner from a Fifth Avenue pharmacy on Oct. 19.

An employee told police that the pilferer swiped the $1500 scanner from the pill–purveyor near 53rd Street at around 12:30 pm, before fleeing.

Parking spot punk

A punk vandalized a guys car after a dispute over a parking spot near Fourth Avenue on Oct. 29.

The victim told police that the brute smashed the window and punched the hood of his car near 60th Street at 12:30 pm, causing $250 worth of damage.

Car looter

A lout looted a guys car near Seventh Avenue on Oct. 16.

The victim told police that the crook nabbed over $350 worth of items from his car near 51st Street at around 8 pm.

— Ben Verde

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