Knife-wielding thug robs man — in his home!

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Man in black

A knife-wielding thug wearing a black ski mask robbed a man inside the basement of his W. Fifth Street home on June 3.

The victim told police that he was in the basement of his home between Avenues T and U at 9:18 pm when the crook entered through a door, which had been left open.

“Give me your wallet,” the thief barked, after placing his knife to the victim’s throat. The crook then shoved the victim into his bathroom and told him to wait five minutes while he absconded with the man’s wallet.

Three amigos

A trio of goons attacked and robbed a man on 21st Avenue on June 3 — taking his cellphone, iPod, and keys.

The victim told police that he was near Benson Avenue at 9:16 pm when the thugs attacked, two of them holding the victim down, while the other pummeled his face.

“Give me your stuff, or I’ll cut you,” one of the crooks snarled, before the trio removed the man’s phone, iPod, and keys, before fleeing.

Purse snatcher

A thief assaulted and robbed a woman on 86th Street on June 1, slamming her onto the ground and taking her purse containing her wallet, cellphone, and cash.

The victim told police that she was near Bay 26th Street at 6 am when the crook ambushed her, striking her several times and slamming her to the ground. The goon then snagged her purse, which included $300.

Stun gunman

Two thugs armed with a pistol and a stun gun robbed a jewelry store on May 30 — after stunning the poor owner with the gun.

The victim told police that he was inside the store between 19th and 20th avenues at 12:30 pm when the duo entered, one of them brandishing a firearm and the other discharging his stun gun, striking the victim in the neck.

The crooks then ransacked the store, taking an unknown amount of jewelry, before fleeing southbound on Bay 23rd Street.

Toyota taken

A thief stole a man’s Toyota Sienna that was parked on 63rd Street overnight on May 1.

The victim told police that he parked his car between 21st avenue and Bay Parkway at 6 pm, and returned the next morning to find an empty spot where his vehicle had been. The man found out later that, unfortunately, his car had not been towed.

Subway snatcher

A persistent crook ripped a woman’s cellphone from her hands on a Coney Island-bound D train stopped at the Bay Parkway station on May 30, though she did try to stop him.

The victim told police that she was in the second-to-last car when it pulled into the station near 86th Street and 25th Avenue at 8 am. When the doors opened, the crook grabbed the woman’s iPhone out of her hand and attempted to flee but the woman, in an attempt to recover her phone, latched onto the crook’s T-shirt.

“Get off me,” he snarled, before wrenching himself free, taking the victim’s phone and leaving her with the tattered sleeve of his T-shirt.

Fire escape artist

Someone stole a man’s cellphone and various electronics from his Bay Ridge Parkway apartment on June 2 — while the man was asleep!

The victim told police that he was sleeping in his apartment between 17th and 18th avenues at midnight when the crook slipped in through a window attached to a fire escape, and snatched his gadgets.

The victim didn’t wake up in time to foil the burglary, but he did find a set of keys — which did not belong to him — on the fire escape, cops said.

He’s in trouble

A opportunistic thief rolled off with a woman’s car, which her boyfriend left running on Kings Highway while he went to pick up a pizza, on May 29.

The victim told police he parked his girlfriend’s 2009 Toyota Corolla between W. Sixth and W. Seventh streets at 7:50 pm in order to grab a pie at a nearby pizza joint. He left the keys in the ignition, but was only gone for about a minute — long enough for the thief to drive off with his girlfriend’s car.

— Colin Mixson

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