Knife-wielding thugs hold up cab driver

94th Precinct


Frosty robbery

Two vicious robbers stole $300 from a cab driver on Frost Street on Feb. 5.

The driver told police that he was sleeping in his car that was parked near Union Avenue at 5:40 am when the perps entered the back seat of his vehicle. One put a knife to the victim’s neck and demanded the cash.

The driver got out of the car and fought with the thieves, during which time one thug punched him in the face while the other took the cash out of his pocket before both fled.

Lock box

A thief stole $26,635 worth of construction tools from a Clay Street site.

The foreman closed and locked the site near McGuinness Boulevard at 2 pm on Jan. 29, but when he returned at 9 am the next day, he saw the chains and locks were cut and the lock boxes were stolen.

Tools taken

A thief stole several power washers from a Dupont Street residence.

The homeowner locked up his building near Manhattan Avenue at 5 pm on Jan. 30, but when he returned at 9 the next morning, he saw that his tools were missing.

Laptop lifted

A thief stole a Laptop, cash, and cameras from a N. Fifth Street apartment on Feb. 3.

The tenants left their apartment near Bedford Avenue at 2:30 pm. When they returned an hour later, they saw that the rear door was ajar and their property was gone.

Berry burglary

A thief stole a laptop from a Berry Street apartment on Feb. 3.

The tenant locked up her apartment near N. Ninth Street at 11:45 am, but when she returned at 6:30 pm, she saw her rear window had been shattered and her computer was gone.

TV fan

Cops arrested a thief who they said tried to steal a TV from a Manhattan Avenue apartment on Feb. 3.

A witness told police that the would-be robber broke into the apartment near Clay Street at 3:58 pm. Officials said responding officers found the man laying on the bed inside the apartment.

Tires gone

A thief stole a set of tires and rims from a car parked on Berry Street between Jan. 31 and Feb. 4.

The driver parked her car near N. 12th Street on Jan. 31 at 5 pm, but when she returned on a few days later, she saw her that tires were gone.

— Aaron Short