Knife-wielding thugs steal man’s phone

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach


Three thugs robbed a man of his Blackberry cellphone on 16th Avenue on March 9.

The victim told police that he was near 78th Street shortly after 1 pm when the goons approached. One of the thieves drew a knife and demanded the victim’s phone, which he handed over without resistance.

Lost service

A goon mugged a woman on 83rd Street on March 7, taking her cellphone.

The victim told police that she was near 20th Avenue at 6:45 pm when the unknown thug grabbed her and threw her to the pavement. The thief then grabbed her phone from her hand and fled. The phone, which cops said is equipped with a global positioning device, was last tracked to Avenue V and Benson Avenue, before its signal was lost.

Bad shot

A man with a prior criminal record is being hunted by police for allegedly firing several shots at a man on Quentin Road on March 3.

The victim told police that he was near W. Fourth Street at 1 am when the suspect sent multiple bullets flying in his direction. Fortunately, the thug wasn’t much of a marksman and the victim escaped unscathed. Police said that the 29-year-old suspect is known by the precinct, although they did not release his record.

Tire ironed

A thug assaulted a man with a tire iron on Bay Parkway on March 10.

The victim told police that he was near 85th Street at 11:35 am when the goon took the heavy, metal auto tool to his left ear and arm, causing serious injury.

Gunned down

A gun-wielding goon shot a man on Dahill Road on March 6.

The victim told police that he was standing near his car, which was parked between Quentin Road and Kings Highway, at 3:20 am when he was shot by the crazed gunman.

Jewel heist

A thief stole jewelry from a W. 11th Street home on March 12.

The crook broke into the house between Avenues S and T after tampering with the locks on one of the doors sometime after 2:35 pm, cops said. The thief nabbed an unknown amount of jewelry before fleeing.

High times

A drug-hungry crook robbed a Bay 20th Street apartment on March 11, taking pharmaceuticals and other valuables.

The victim told police that she was in the bedroom of her home between Bath and Benson avenues at 3:52 am when she was awakened by a clock radio blaring from an adjacent room. When she opened her bedroom door, she saw the strange man leaving her apartment.

The victim later found that one of the doors on her car, which was parked behind her apartment, was left ajar and that her apartment key was missing from the vehicle. The thief nabbed $310, jewelry, and an unknown variety of pharmaceutical drugs.

Menorah madness

A thief took jewelry, a menorah, and other valuables from a 62nd Street apartment on March 8.

The victim told police that the thief broke into her residence between 19th and 20th avenues through a window sometime after 11 am, taking a silver serving platter, jewelry, and the menorah.

Jewelry jip

A thief broke into a W. Sixth Street home on March 11, stealing jewelry.

The victim told police that the intruder entered his house between Avenues S and T sometime after 3:40 pm through a window that has an inoperative lock. The crook ransacked two bedrooms and made off with the jewelry.

— Colin Mixson

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