Knife-wielding women attack and rob lady

90th Precinct


Pack attack

A gang of ruffians — one wielding a kitchen knife — attacked a woman and stole her purse on Wilson Street on April 23.

The victim told police that she between Wythe Place and Bedford Avenue at 12:45 am when she got into an argument with three women. One of the women slashed her twice on the right arm with a long kitchen knife and another grabbed her cellphone and purse out of her hands, she reported to police.

The victim ran away and called police and then walked into the emergency room at Woodhull Medical Center, according to the police report.

Say cheese

Police arrested a teenager who they say agreed to take his friend’s photograph on the L train on April 24, but then ran off with the kid’s phone at the Morgan Avenue stop.

The 15-year-old victim told police that he was on the L train at 4 pm when he handed his phone to a classmate to take a picture of him and his friends. The classmate snapped the photo and then jumped off the train at the stop near Harrison Place.

Police tracked the 15-year-old kid down at his high school and charged him with robbery and grand larceny.

Violent encounter

A man was arrested for beating a man in a Humboldt Street deli on April 17, police reported.

The victim told police that he walked into the corner store near Varet Street at 9:20 pm when a guy he knew followed him in and punched him several times in the left side of his jaw, according to a police report.

The victim’s jaw swelled up and he is now unable to open his mouth and speaks with a slur, according to the police report.

Police arrested the alleged attacker and charged him with assault.

Buying a way out

Someone stole a wad of cash out of a man’s pants in his room at a S. Second Street rehab clinic on April 16.

The victim told police that he had $2,300 in the pocket of a pair of pants in a dresser drawer at the center between Driggs Avenue and Roebling Street. He went for breakfast at 8:15 am, and when he came back five minutes later he found the cash gone, cops reported.

The victim told police that his roommate acted suspiciously and asked him to go get a cigarette to lure him out of the room.

Starting young

Police arrested a 12-year-old who they say grabbed a cellphone out of a woman’s hand on an L train at the Morgan Avenue stop on April 21.

The victim told police that she was standing on the platform at the stop near Harrison Place at 2 pm when the child grabbed the phone out of her hand and ran out of the subway station.

The victim chased after the kid and was able to flag down a police officer who arrested him and charged with grand larceny, according to the police report.

— Danielle Furfaro

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