Lady gets a real visit from the ‘goon squad’

Goon squad

Three goons attacked a woman on Prospect Place on April 11, snatching her fancy iPhone.

The 28-year-old victim told cops that she was Fifth and Sixth avenues at around 7:30 pm when the trio made its move, grabbing the phone as she chatted on it — a quite common crime in the Slope.

The victim gave cops very little description to go on.

Runway getaway

A fashionable burglar made off with more than $1,500 in cash and duds from a women’s clothing store on Fifth Avenue early on April 9.

Goldy & Mac, a fashion haven between Union and President streets, told cops that the perp busted the glass on the shop’s front door at 5:20 am and made off with nine jackets, four dresses and the contents of the cash drawer.

Trunk junk

A sneak thief scored $7,000 in cash and jewelry from the trunk of an unattended car near Grand Army Plaza overnight on April 8.

The 65-year-old victim told cops that she left her car on Eighth Avenue near the circle at around 4:30 pm. When she returned at 3 the next morning, she found her trunk open and her bag missing.

What a tool!

A budding handyman ripped off $2,400 in power tools from a parked van on Fourth Avenue overnight on April 13.

The victim told cops that he parked his work van near Butler Street and returned to it at 5:15 the next morning to find the van’s back door open and two hammer drills and a power saw gone.

Boob tube

A TV fiend busted into a pair of party buses inside a Fifth Street parking lot overnight on April 12 and ripped off five boob tubes.

Owners told cops that the buses were parked in the lot near Second Avenue, but by 3:25 the next afternoon, five Jensen TVs, valued at $2,000, had been stripped from two buses.

Car jack

A thief snatched a sweet ride from 15th Street overnight on April 15.

The victim told cops that he left his 2007 white Acura between Fourth and Fifth avenues in the afternoon, but it was gone by 10 am the next day.


At least two more cars were hit along the quiet stretch of Flatbush Avenue near the Prospect Park Zoo. Here are the details:

• A thief swiped a designer wallet out of a Toyota sedan that was parked on April 14 at 11 am. The theft of the empty Coach wallet was discovered two hours later.

• A thief stole a 21-year-old coupe on April 14. The victim told cops that he left his car when he went to dinner. When he got back at 10 pm, he found that his 1990 Lincoln coupe had been swiped.

Sad song

A thief got around a Jeep’s pesky security system — by unzipping the soft top and ripping off more than $4,000 in booty overnight on Sixth Avenue on April 16.

The victim told cops that she parked her off-road machine near Garfield Place at around 9:30 pm. She returned the next day at noon to find that a perp had ripped off her cameras, iPod and fancy Martin acoustic guitar.

— Dan MacLeod

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