Laptop stolen in stoop swipe!

94th Precinct


Stoop id

Two thieves stole a laptop from a man on his Manhattan Avenue front stoop on Aug. 8.

The victim was in front of his apartment near Withers Street at 4:28 pm when one perp took the computer. The victim ran after him and tacked him, but the perp handed the laptop to an accomplice, who ran down Meeker Avenue.

Grip of vice

A thief threatened a woman in her N. Fifth Street building and stole $272 from her on Aug. 9.

The victim was near Bedford Avenue at 1 am when the perp covered his face with a bandana, and followed her inside. He flashed a silver-colored vice-grip wrench and demanded cash. The victim complied, and the thug ran away.

Withers away

Two robbers viciously mugged a woman for her bag on Withers Street on Aug. 12.

The woman was near Graham Avenue at 9:15 pm when one perp put his hands over her eyes, while another punched and kicked her and pulled her to the ground by her hair.

“Give me your sh—!” one perp yelled, and then pulled the bag until its strap broke.

Karate crime

Two thieves stole a man’s iPhone on Wythe Avenue on Aug. 13.

The victim was near Metropolitan Avenue at 11:30 pm when one perp approached him and knocked the phone out of his hand. The other perp picked it up from the sidewalk, and both ran away.

Chop shop

A thief stole four tires from a car on Norman Avenue on Aug. 8.

The driver parked at 12:30 am, but when he returned to the spot near Kingsland Avenue eight hours later, the car was on cinderblocks and the wheels were gone.

— Aaron Short