Laptops taken from Leon Goldstein HS

Goldstein raid

Thieves swiped nine laptop computers from Leon Goldstein High School on Shore Boulevard last week.

Administrators at the school, which is near Decateur Avenue in Manhattan Beach, reported the computers missing on April 28. They were last seen in a school classroom — which students and staff had access to — on April 15.

Not kosher

Talk about an un-kosher crime!

Two crooks grabbed more than $2,000 from Dave’s Strictly Kosher Meat Market on Nostrand Avenue on April 28.

Workers at the store, which is between Avenues V and W, say that the thieves entered at 3:25 pm pretending to be customers.

As one thief distracted a worker, his partner jumped over the counter and grabbed a bag containing the money.

Wyld raid

A thief broke into Wyld Child Tattoo on Gerritsen Avenue on April 25, stealing $1,150 from a tattoo artist’s toolbox.

Ink artists told police that the thief entered the business sometime after 12:10 am by snapping the lock off the front gate and smashing the glass door.

Senior struck

A car backed into a 73-year-old man on Avenue Z — but the senior’s injuries weren’t considered severe.

The victim was about to cross the street near Coney Island Avenue at 3 pm when he was hit. He was brought to Coney Island Hospital as a precaution.

Hit with bottle

A 15-year-old girl was arrested on April 29 following a bottle bash on Gerritsen Avenue.

The teen was arguing with another 15-year-old girl near Seba Avenue at 10:25 pm when she struck her opponent in the face with a bottle, chipping her victim’s tooth.

The teen ran into a park, but police flushed her out a short time later and charged her with assault.

Angling for loot

Thieves reeled in $140 on April 29 after raiding Bernie’s Fishing Tackle on Emmons Avenue.

Employees said the thieves cut out the glass to the front door sometime after 2:55 am, then pilfered the register.

Tire hater

A goon vented his aggressions out on a 54-year-old woman’s car on April 26 by puncturing the vehicle’s tires as it sat on E. 22nd Street.

The victim left her car parked between Avenues X and Y at 11 am. When she returned to the car two days later, her front and rear driver’s side tires were flat.

Bike worm

A thief made off with a $950 bike — while its owner was inside the Sheepshead Bay Public Library.

The victim put the bike in the lobby of the E. 14th Street building, which is between Jerome Avenue and Shore Parkway, at 4 pm.

He returned for it three hours later, but it was gone.

Seizing an opportunity

A crafty crook made off with a 2005 Pontiac left running on E. 16th Street on April 30.

The owner of the car said she parked it between Avenues U and V at 1:30 am, but left it idling for a few moments when she ran into her house to get something.

When she came back a few minutes later, the car was gone.

Beaten in Gravesend

A thug attacked a 32-year-old outside a Gravesend Neck Road nightclub on April 30, leaving him with a smattering of cuts and bruises.

The victim told police he was arguing with the unidentified male outside the club, which is between E. 16th and E. 17th streets, at 4:05 am when the suspect began throwing punches — leaving his victim with a deep cut on his head and right cheek — before fleeing the area in a dark-colored BMW.

Robbed on Gerritsen

Two goons pulled a gun on a 22-year-old during a harrowing April 23 mugging on Gerritsen Avenue.

The thieves began following the victim from Avenue V at 2:50 am, then pulled their weapon and robbed him of his cash, cellphone and iPod.

Tunnel rat

A creep tunneled his way into the back of Bagel Town on Bay Ridge Parkway on April 17, taking $100 and some cigarettes.

An employee was opening the store, located near 20th Avenue, at 4:15 am when he found the hole the thief had burrowed.

Weapon check

Two thugs armed with a toy gun and a kitchen knife robbed a 24-year-old of his cellphone during an April 17 confrontation on W. 12th Street and Avenue P, but ended up leaving their weapons behind as they made their escape.

The victim may have lost his phone during the 12:45 am robbery, but he recovered the weapons, which he handed over to authorities after he went home and called 911.

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