Larry King (who else?) does an interview (what else?) on a stoop (where else?)

Larry King (who else?) does an interview (what else?) on a stoop (where else?)
Photo by Lawrence Schwartzwald

Now this is one man who knows how to sit on a stoop!

Brooklyn native, former talk show legend, and current bagel pitchman, Larry King crashed a TV interview on the front steps of a Wyckoff Street brownstone on Monday — inserting himself into a chat between NBC personality Cat Greenleaf and singer Randy Travis for Greenleaf’s nationally broadcast TV series, “TalkStoop.”

King was scheduled to chat with Greenleaf for an upcoming segment on her Cobble Hill front porch, but the Bensonhurst native knows in his bones that when you hear a good conversation on a stoop, you butt right into it.

“He just busted in and started hanging out,” said Greenleaf. “I kept saying, ‘Larry! I’m doing an interview!’”

But the 77-year-old suspender model couldn’t resist the cameras.

Then, he and Travis made TV history, singing a country song that King wrote himself called “I’d Rather Be Homeless Than Be Home With You.” Later, King put his on-again/off-again wife, Shawn, who sang a song with Willie Nelson at Radio City last year, on the phone to speak with Travis.

“I guess they’re all part of one big country lovin’ family,” said Greenleaf, who is about to make it big herself, what with being named Queen Mermaid in the Coney Island parade on June 18.

“Larry kept saying, ‘Sometimes you just gotta go with it,’ ” said Greenleaf. “So that’s what we did.”

Hey, if you’re going to call a show “TalkStoop,” you have to let the conversation wander.