Late-night surfing reveals hidde treasures

It’s 4 am, the house is really quiet. You are now wide awake and cannot fall back to sleep. What do you do to pass the time away? Many of us read a book with the hopes that it will make our eyes tired. Others slip out quietly to the kitchen for some ibbergerblibberness … leftovers to you. Me? I fire up the computer, answer my e-mail, and then examine out-of-town newspapers. I like to see what the stories of both the left wing and the few remaining right wing newspapers have to say and how they are translated into editorials. Last night I was glued to a story under the following long headline —“Obama Now Blames Poor Job Numbers on Congressional Inaction. Wait! His Party Runs Congress.”

That wordy title caught my eye and the details below it went on to spew some pretty negative charges against the administration. It renamed BO as the “Fundraiser–in-Chief” and how he’s leaving on another vacation. “Don’t worry though. White House chef Sam Kass went along, so the first family need not eat ordinary human food.”

It went on to mention Joe Biden and the rising unemployment numbers, the unusually high federal deficit and BO’s unusually short four-minute White House driveway speech that did not allow for questioning.

This negative feature on the administration went on and on and then included a note about Arianna Huffington’s critical essay, “Memo to America’s Middle Class: Obama is Just Not That Into You.”

What made this entire journalistic effort so unique is that it wasn’t printed in the New York Post, the Washington Times or any of the right of center newspapers. It appeared in … drum roll please … The Los Angeles Times. Yes! The very left wing, semi-socialist, always supportive of Barack, Los Angeles Times. Is this what is known as the rats deserting the sinking ship? Waddya’ know? Ya’ live long enough — you get to see everything.

• • •

Joe Biden stated that the economy is turning around and is on the right track. Hey gang, what’s he smoking? At the same time that the vice president read those words off the teleprompter, America learned that home sales plunged 27 percent to a 15-year low -— and that’s with bargain prices and the lowest mortgage rates in decades.Unemployment is stuck at 9.5 percent (14 percent In Nevada). Government spending is at an all time high. The CBO says that the $787 billionstimulus bill will actually cost $814 billion. Costs of basic necessities increase by the week. Have you visited your neighborhood supermarket lately? American manufacturers, the few that are left, are not investing in machinery and equipment. Corporations of all sizes that are sitting on billions of dollars in cash are fearful of what Obama has in store for them. They are not hiring and will not hire until the man is out of office. That translates to a stagnant economy for at least the next 27 months.

And they continue to blame Bush and ask us if we want to return to the Bush years. If we can go back to the time before the Democrats took control of congress the answer is yes. I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net telling you that those were the days when my home was worth 200K more than it is now and everybody I know was working.

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