Leggings looter robs department store

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Leggings looter robs department store

A fitness-focused bandit allegedly stole a selection of women’s activewear from a Fulton Street department store on March 30.

Police said the thief strolled through the Nordstrom Rack near Hoyt Street at around 5 pm, allegedly breaking hangers and anti-theft tags and stuffing pricey clothing into her bag before heading to the exit. Store employees called the cops, who turned up to intercept the woman just in time.

Officers arrested the woman that evening after they uncovered some crack cocaine in her jacket pockets as they searched her belongings for stolen goods.

Worm clips gym lock, ruins workout

A worm broke into a gym locker on Duffield Street and filled their pockets with credit cards and more on the morning of March 22.

The victim locked up his belongings at the Planet Fitness near Fulton Street just before 9 am and headed into the gym for a morning workout, he told police. Two hours later, while he was still pumping iron, his phone buzzed with an alert that his credit card had been used. When the victim walked back into the locker room, he saw that his gym lock had been cut through and his credit card, passport, work ID, health insurance and social security cards had been stolen.

Marauder at Macy’s

A marauder allegedly stole a variety of clothing from the Fulton Street Macy’s department store on March 28.

Police said the raider walked into the store near Bridge Street at about 3 pm and gathered up over $1,000 worth of Polo-brand T-shirts and underwear, Steve Madden shoes, a Calvin Klein purse, and Adidas socks. Employees watched as he stuffed the clothing into bags and allegedly tried to leave the store without paying.

Officers apprehended and arrested the thief on the scene.

Little lifter at the Little Gym

A couple of sneaks stole a backpack from a stroller left inside The Little Gym on Atlantic Avenue on March 30.

The victim told police she rolled the stroller into the children’s gymnastics center near Boerum Place just before noon, and dropped her backpack in it for safekeeping while she was otherwise occupied. When she want back to get the backpack at about 12:30 pm, it was gone, along with the wallet, passport, credit card, and phone charger inside. Security footage showed two men walking into the building, eyeing the bag, and nabbing it before making a swift exit.

Dressed-up dirtbag nabs camera equipment

A well-dressed dirtbag pocketed thousands of dollars of camera equipment in a Furman Street hotel on April 1.

The photographer left their equipment unattended in the hotel near Doughty Street at around 8 am, police said, and security footage showed a man dressed in a suit with a white badge around his neck quickly pocketing a Canon camera, a camera lens and other equipment, all in all worth nearly $9,000.

Music-loving malefactor robs AirPods

Some music-deprived malefactor threatened a woman and stole her Apple AirPods as she walked on Duffield Street on April 1. 

Police said the victim was walking near Nassau Street at 11:15 pm when the robber blocked her path and threatened to kill her for the wireless headphones. The woman handed over the earbuds and the mugger fled into the night.