Leonard Street building hit four times in one day

94th Precinct


Quadruple hit

A band of thieves terrorized a Leonard Street apartment building, hitting four victims during one long July 28.

In one case, the burglars ripped a 38-year-old man’s front door off its hinges and made off with laptops and cameras. The victim told cops that he had left that morning at 9:30 am and retured at 2 pm.

The thieves also forced their way into an elderly woman’s apartment, stealing an expensive watch along with cash and bonds. The 61-year-old victim said that she left her building at around 2:30 pm, returning an hour later to discover the break-in.

Later that night, the crooks broke the lock off a 36-year-old woman’s front door and grabbed fistfuls of jewelry, along with another camera, at some point between 8:50 am and 5:30 pm.

The nightmare finally ended shortly before 9:30 pm, when the rogues ransacked a man’s apartment. Despite breaking the victim’s door open, the thieves apparently found nothing of value and departed without taking anything. The man said that he left his apartment at 8 pm and returned an hour and a half later to find his living room looking like a tornado hit it.

Rise and shiner

A sneaky thief scuffled with his surprised victim early on July 27 after breaking into the would-be mark’s vehicle on Monitor Street.

The 25-year-old victim told cops that he returned to his car near Norman Avenue at 6:20 am to discover the perp in his front seat with an armful of stolen property.

When the man confronted the pilferer, the perp began walloping his victim, dealing him a pair of nasty bruises as he attempted an escape.

Watch your neck

A grabby grifter in the Graham Avenue L-train station tried to rip the chain from a woman’s neck on July 30.

The 22-year-old woman told cops that she saw her assailant at around 11 pm attempting to swipe through the turnstile as she entered the station, which is at Metropolitan Avenue. When she went to purchase a MetroCard, the man attacked her from behind, groping her neck in search of the chain.

The woman managed to defend her pricey accessory by holding her chin to her chest, but the thug left her with painful scratches before giving up the fight and fleeing into the darkness.


A vicious thug assaulted a woman on Jackson Street on July 26, leaving her bleeding, bruised, and toothless.

The victim said that she was near Kingsland Avenue at 10:50 pm when the perp knocked her to the ground with an unknown object. Then, while she was lying on the concrete, the fiend continued to punch and stomp on her before leaving the scene.

Police found the victim with a missing tooth, a nasty bruise on her forehead, and a split lip.

Inside job

A thug bashed his way into an employee’s locker at a Morgan Avenue store on July 26, stealing credit cards for a number of hi-tech purchases.

The 23-year-old employee said that he left his belongings in a lockbox inside the store, which is between Anthony and Lombardy streets. He returned at 4 pm to find the locker emptied and quickly cancelled the stolen cards — though not before the thief made a few purchases at a nearby Sprint store.

Too easy

A nasty opportunist stripped a Bedford Avenue car of its valuables on July 26 after the driver had left it unlocked.

The victim told cops that he parked between N. Fifth and N. Fourth streets at around 5 pm, leaving for a moment and not bothering to lock the doors. He came back a short time later to find his wallet and cellphone gone.

Don’t do this

A watchful auto-thief stole a car from McGuiness Boulevard on July 28, using the keys the driver had stored under the front bumper to get away without a hitch.

The 41-year-old victim said he parked his 1991 Toyota Camry between Dupont and Clay streets, taking care to stash an emergency set of keys under the car’s front bumper. When he returned at 10:30 pm, the vehicle was gone.

— Haru Coryne