Let’s go … Packers?

EDITOR’S NOTE: We begged her not to do it, but in the days before the big game, The Brooklyn Paper’s favorite Wisconsin native Kate Briquelet could not be silenced. The following words are hers, and hers alone.


We are cheeseheads, and we are legion!

For all the blue dogs flooding the borough’s bars on Sunday, there’ll be more than a few green-and-gold wearing, Miller Lite-swilling, cheddar-gorging Green Bay fans who are proud to keep our hearts in our favorite flyover state, even though we keep our homes in Brooklyn.

Clueless New Yorkers often ask if it’s tough living here AND rooting for the Green Bay Packers. I ask them if they think Aaron Rodgers needs a license to use that fire-arm.

My team has plowed through the season, finishing 15–1. The Giants, on the other hand, are an inconsistent franchise, both in their fan base and on the field — but especially in their fan base.

See, no matter where we stand Packer-backers live to see big-city teams destroyed on Lambeau tundra. It’s like a religion — it’s some titillating Midwestern love that you New Yorkers wish you had.

But if you don’t want to leave the borough to see the Big Blue collapse, get thee to Angry Wade’s on Smith and Butler streets. It’s owned by a fellow Wisconsinite in exile.

And remember, Brooklyn, this is Mr. Rodgers’s neighborhood now.

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