Letter: Quit or get off the pot

Smoke-out: Brooklynites without criminal records can now smoke blunts like this guy in Flatbush without fear of prosecution, though a night in jail might still be in the cards.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

To the editor,

Your newspaper is always ready to applaud those things that tend to dissolve our society.

I do not normally write to newspapers, but your article celebrating District Attorney Ken Thompson’s decision not to prosecute marijuana offenses is truly nothing more than an ill-thought-out advocacy piece.

I have lived in Brooklyn for many years, and my wife’s family has been here for generations. We have seen how the climate has changed, and not for the better. Public safety has diminished due to roaming drunks, illegal aliens, and road hogs driving with suspended licenses. Now it will be even worse with people walking and driving about stoned.

I work in a customer-service environment. Have you had to deal with a trust-fund hipster who is both entitled and high? Have you ever had the problem of dealing with one of these cretins on the telephone?

Marijuana is illegal for a reason. It ought to stay that way. Your reporters should abstain from its use when they write.

Roger A. Sheddy from Brooklyn

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