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Life’s a dream for Brooklyn scholar

Life’s a dream: Dreamer Denisse Diaz graduates Hunter College.
Hunter College

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Life’s a dream!

Move over the tassels and celebrate for Dreamer Denisse Diaz. The borough daughter graduated as a Dream Scholar from Hunter College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology last week.

When Denisse was just 11-years-old she arrived in our burg as an undocumented child from Peru. She longed to go to college but because of her undocumented status, she did not qualify for financial aid.

“Regardless,” Denisse said, “My mom said, ‘You will attend college even if you take one class per semester and your father and I work a second job.’ ”

And that is exactly what she did until she was able to qualify for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). She added, “It was a blessing and helped me move forward. I felt like I had a purpose.”

As a result she was able to get a full-time job to help her family financially and then won the TheDream.Us Scholarship, which gave her a full ride to pay for the rest of her Hunter College education.

Now that she has that sheep skin, Denisse hopes to help others in her situation.

Standing O wishes her good luck.

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