Light ‘em up!

The nights are about to get a little brighter for some Bay Ridge residents who think their dark streets breed rowdy teenagers.

The Department of Transportation will be increasing the wattage of street lights along a stretch of Sixth Avenue from 72nd street to Bay Ridge Parkway — and installing an additional light on 74th Street — after residents complained that teens were using the lack of light as a cover for rowdiness, pot smoking and vandalism.

“I know a lot of kids hang out here because it’s dark,” said Ruth Fasano, who lives on 74th Street. “We definitely need more light.”

Other residents say the dim lighting — and the teens it attracts — leaves them scared to walk the streets alone at night.

“I have to walk with my husband at night because it’s so dark,” said Maria Bonitsis, who lives on 72nd Street.

To brighten things up, the city says that it will increase the wattage of the light bulbs along the strip from the standard 100-watt to a higher-powered 150-watt by the fall.

State Sen. Marty Golden’s (R–Bay Ridge) says his office has received multiple complaints regarding the teens, but the 68th Street precinct’s commanding officer, Deputy Inspector Eric Rodriguez, said no reports have been filed, and police routinely patrol the area.

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