Light fantastic

A long-desired traffic light will be installed in May in front of Bay Ridge Preparatory School, where an existing “Stop” sign just isn’t doing the job, locals said.

“There are just so many children and kids here and the cars don’t always stop,” said Sandra Disarm, who has two kids in the 81st Street school. “I’ve seen them just zoom by, it’s scary.”

Scary, perhaps, but not fatal. No students have been injured near the K-8 school, but teachers said they just want a little more piece of mind.

“We cross the street all the time with our students to go to St. Mary’s Church,” said Charles Fasano, head of the school. “We’ll feel better about crossing groups of children.”

The Department of Transportation said that the light would be installed by May 31.

Around the same time, the agency will install another requested light on 99th Street and Shore Road, on the block of Fontebonne Hall Academy.

Once completed, the new traffic lights will join a third requested light that was installed six months ago on 71st Street and Narrows Avenue, near Xaverian HS. Locals say they have been pleased with the new conditions there.

But some traffic experts say that stop lights actually encourage speeding as cars race to get through green lights before they turn crimson.

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