Little James is steppin’ up


Steppin’ up

It was a proud day for parents Miriam Elliott and Reggie Oliver when son James Oliver stepped up and out of preschool on his way to the Big K (kindergarten, that is). Mom Miriam was so verklempt that she had to take a moment to compose herself before continuing her praise for both her son and his school.

“This school has helped James so much,” she tells Standing O. “He has achieved so much. But I’m a little sad because he’s leaving William O’Connor.”

Proud papa was just as excited about graduation.

“I’m just so proud,” Reggie said. “It’s wonderful to see him progress big time.”

And now little James is heading to the big time. Standing O knows that kindergarten ain’t for the faint of heart (we had to repeat it twice — we refused to participate in naptime because we were too busy patting everyone on the back). That said, Standing O expects a lot from this young man, and so do his teachers.

Jodi Dorfman Siegel, staff speech pathologist, told us, “When I began working with him last year James was non-verbal. Now he’s putting words together, he’s playing with different toys, and he has even allowed me into his play.”

Papa Reggie told Standing O, “William O’Connor Midwood is one of the best schools for children to learn. I love this school.” Standing O loves it, too. Can’t wait till next year when James jumps out of the Big K and into first grade. Yippee!

New York League for Early Learning’s William O’Connor Midwood School [1520 E. 13th St. between Avenues O and P in Midwood, (718) 382–1060].

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