Robert Zuckerman / New Line

With the birth of his own son this summer,
Greenpoint actor Patrick Wilson says he understands a little
better the stay-at-home dad he plays in the new film adaptation
of Tom Perrotta’s novel, "Little Children."

"Actors have such a different schedule and different lifestyle
[than most other parents]," the 33-year-old Virginia native
told reporters in Manhattan recently. "When you’re not working,
you’re around all day long. When you’re working, you’re gone
all day long … I think some actors are very lucky, like [my
’Little Children’ co-star Kate Winslet, pictured at left with
Wilson] being able to have children and then taking time off.
And then I was the same way this summer, being able to stay home.
So, that’s a luxury I don’t think we take for granted. Family
time is super-important."

Although in the film, Wilson strays from his documentary filmmaker
wife (played by Brooklyn Heights native Jennifer Connelly).

So, did Wilson and his real-life wife, actress Dagmara Dominczyk,
ever consider moving out of the city when they decided to have

"My wife is Polish," said Wilson, star of "Angels
in America" and "The Phantom of the Opera." "It’s
important for us to be in a predominantly Polish neighborhood
to have the boy brought up for the first few years around a lot
of his own people."

"Little Children" is now playing in theaters.

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