Gowanus venue hosts outdoor concerts and movie screenings

Gowanus Littlefield
The outdoor venue is currently set up for performances.

A Gowanus concert venue is bringing socially-distant music shows, movie screenings, and comedy sets to the great outdoors!

Littlefield, along with the neighboring al fresco saloon Parklife, will be offering drinks and performances under the stars multiple times each week, giving Brooklynites a chance to catch their favorite performers during the age of quarantine, said the venues’ owner.

“We’re lucky to have the situation we have during the current state of things,” said Scott Koshnoodi. 

Littlefield owners, who originally opened the Parklife in the concert hall’s rear yard in 2017, finally welcomed patrons back to the Gowanus bar in early August — and now, they will host the likes of pop duo Rachael and Vilray, comedian Sam Morril, and screenings of the annual Animation Block Party festival. 

In order to adhere to safe social distancing protocols, guests must sit in their reserved seats, and food and drinks will be ordered via smartphone to minimize interaction between staff and patrons. When entering, all attendees must sign a health declaration promising to wear masks whenever not eating or drinking, according to the venue.

Despite all the necessary precautions and threat of a rain-out, Koshnoodi says the venue is happy to be able to do any form of in-person programming, and fans are eager to attend — which has led to some of their upcoming concerts selling out well ahead of time.

And for artists used to playing packed concert halls, playing in front of a spaced-out crowd of only a few dozen may be strange, but welcome.

“Rachael [& Vilray] would normally sell out the Bowery Ballroom three nights over, but it makes them feel good and it makes the crowd happy,” said Koshnoodi. 

Littlefield live at Parklife. 636 Degraw St. near Fourth Ave, Gowanus. (646) 949-4636. www.Parklifebk.com. View upcoming events here.