Lock in Affordable Building Insurance — Without Skimping on Coverage

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Do you own a brownstone, row house, condominium, co-op, multi-family dwelling, or mixed-use building that’s at least 70 percent residential?

Then you know the risks associated with ownership.

When you engage with Brownstone Insurance Agency, and lock in their three-year prepaid policy for building insurance, you’ll get savings on the financial commitment — without sacrificing coverage.

Here’s what a policy includes:

Property Insurance: Covers damage to your building and its contents due to a covered event — such as a fire. Also insures against losses incurred by mechanical and electrical system breakdowns, business interruption, loss of rental income, improvements and betterments, and more.

General Liability Insurance: Provides legal defense and coverage for claims of bodily injury and property damage caused by accident, associated medical costs, and for certain personal and advertising injuries.

To protect your investment, reach out today and inquire about coverage from Brownstone Agency.