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Long paw of the law

Every Dog Has Its Day: Trixie and Robin, two of the puppies rescued from an alleged puppy mill, are up for adoption on Aug. 1.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

Call it puppy payback.

Police arrested the man who allegedly abused and sold sick puppies while running an illegal puppy mill out of his Gravesend home, nearly a month after local animal rights activists rescued nine dogs from him.

The man was arrested on July 20 at his Avenue X residence on 10 counts of torturing, injuring and not feeding animals, said police. Cops also charged the man with eight counts of selling and exposing diseased animals.

He was given a desk appearance ticket, and will be asked to appear in criminal court for arraignment, police said. The American Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said it provided veterinary forensic support to the cops, but would not comment further.

The man allegedly transported at least 20 sick puppies from Florida to New York, failing to provide veterinary care, authorities said, and at least three of the ill pups perished from malnutrition and the canine virus Parvo. He also sold the sick dogs, without a license, to unsuspecting customers, according to a police report.

The animal cruelty investigation began in June, when internet postings about the sale and abuse of sick puppies captured the attention of local animal-rights activists. Animal rescue group Rescue City paid the man nearly $2,000 to take nine of the puppies out of the home, but he still had at least one other puppy in the home.

One of the puppy protectors said she’s pleased that the authorities finally took action, even if it wasn’t as soon as she would like.

“Persistence prevails,” said Rescue City co-founder Stella Plit. “We keep bringing attention to people like this because it’s about stopping animal abuse and animal cruelty.”

Rescue City, along with the Oceanside Animal Clinic on Kings Highway, helped nurse the nine pooches out of peril. Four of the dogs have been adopted, while five are still in foster care awaiting permanent homes.

Rescue City is hosting an adoption event on August 1 at a Gerritsen Beach pet shop to find permanent homes for the five lucky dogs.

Rescue City Adoption Event at Bargain Bow Wow [2754 Gerritsen Avenue, between Florence and Everett Avenues in Gerritsen Beach, (718) 332–6192, www.rescuecity.nyc]. Aug. 1, 11 am–3 pm.

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Long paw of the law: The man cops believe abused this puppy that was freed by animal rescuers last month will finally face justice, authorities said.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

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