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Lookin’ good!

Gowanus, get ready for your close-up.

Until last month, fans of the Douglass-Degraw Pool at Third Avenue and Nevins Street were on high alert for the city’s budget axe — but now they’ll be on the look-out for a infinitely more benign force: our roving photographer!

From the brink of disaster, we bring you “Hotties of the Double-D,” a look at the men and women who make this neighborhood watering hole worth saving at all costs.

Every issue throughout the summer, we’ll bring you sun-worshippers such as this week’s pulchritudinous pair: 18-year-old heartthrob Miguel Lopez and 20-year-old beauty Nina Altamirano, who spent a Friday afternoon soaking up the rays — and turning heads.

Our exclusive and unflagging coverage, played a role in saving this vital resource from City Hall bean-counters. Now our goal is two-fold: to keep reminding the mayor how beloved the Double-D is to its users and, more important, to celebrate those pool-goers in the only way we know how.

What better way to do that than serve up a weekly slice of poolside cheesecake or beefcake?

So every Friday, keep an eye out for our photographer — perhaps you will be next week’s “Hottie of the Double-D” and help save this pool for future generations.

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