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Looters take 50 pairs of pants from store

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

So many pants!

Two rapscallions stole almost 50 pairs of pants from an Avenue U department store on Feb. 5.

The looters escaped with the leg merch from the store near Flatbush Avenue at 10:30 am, police said.

Package pick-up

Police cuffed a guy who they say stole a delivery man’s work tablet when he dropped off a package on Avenue I on Feb. 5.

The victim told police he was delivering the parcel near E. 53rd Street around noon when the suspect demanded he hand it over. The man then allegedly stole the tablet, and officers found the package contained a large quantity of marijuana, according to police.

Fraud for three

Cops arrested three men on E. 49th Street on Feb. 5 who they say had stolen credit cards and 23 forged checks.

Authorities say the officers found the loot during a car stop near Avenue N at 7:38 pm.

Cool crime

Thieves swiped parts of an air-conditioning unit from a Coleman Street building sometime between Dec. 12 and Feb. 6.

The manager of the building between Avenue V and Hendrickson streets reported at 1 pm that parts were missing from a couple of the units, according to police.

The property manager said that the roof door is unlocked and multiple workers had access to the rooftop units, according to police.

Sporting store shoplifted

A shoplifter nabbed a complete outfit from an Avenue U store on Feb. 9.

The thief stole five articles of women’s clothing from an athletic apparel store near Flatbush Avenue at 12:55 pm, according to police.

— Natallie Rocha

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