Lots of crazy iPhone violence!

90th Precinct


Eye punch

Two thugs punched a man in the face and took his iPhone on S. Ninth Street on Oct. 2.

The victim was near Bedford Avenue at 3:50 am when the perps jumped him. One punched him in the eye, saying, “Give me your money. What do you got?” while the other took his property.

iPhone tackle

Two perps tackled a man on Berry Street, taking him iPhone, iPod and wallet on Oct. 2.

The victim was near S. First Street at 3:30 am when the perps approached him from behind and pushed him to the ground.

One thug reached into the victim’s pocket and took his stuff while the other kept him in a headlock.

Sword fight

A thug tried to cut a bar worker with a machete inside Alma Lounge on Oct. 1.

The bar’s owner told police that the perp flashed his knife at the man inside the Roebling Street lounge at 11:45 pm, but the victim blocked the knife with a metal pole that he luckily found at the bar. The perp then fled toward S. Second Street.

Broadway snatch

A thief stole a man’s iPhone as he was entering the Lorimer Street J-train station on Sept. 29 — but didn’t even get to make a call.

The victim told police that he was approaching the station near Broadway at 7 pm when the perp approached and snatched his phone.

Police nabbed an alleged suspect quickly.

Purse pilfered

A thief stole a purse with an iPhone and $120 from a car on Union Avenue on Sept 29.

The driver parked near Metropolitan Avenue at 2 am, but when he and his girlfriend returned 45 minutes later, they saw that her purse was missing.

Phone punch

Two perps grabbed and punched a man on Lorimer Street on Sept. 26 in a vain attempt to swipe his phone.

The victim told police that he was near Devoe Street at 9:30 pm when the perps approached him.

“Give me your phone,” one said before punctuating the sentence with a fist in the face.

The victim yelled for help, and the perps ran away without the mobile device.

Garden grilled

A thief stole $13,000 from a Graham Avenue restaurant over the weekend.

Garden Grill’s owner locked up the business at 11 pm on Sept. 30, but when he returned at 4:30 am the next day, he saw the front door was broken and the cash was missing.

Move-in theft

A thief stole a woman’s laptop, wallet and phone as she was moving into her S. Second Street apartment on Oct. 1.

The victim finished moving into the unit near Bedford Avenue at 9 pm when she noticed that her property was missing.

Half baked

A thief stole a laptop from an Ainslie Street bakery on Sept. 27

A witness told police that he saw two perps enter the rear of the bakery near Leonard Street at midnight, remove the laptop, and run toward Metropolitan Avenue.

Wheel report

At least three cars were swiped last week:

• A thief stole a Toyota — and camping gear! — on Driggs Avenue near S. Fifth Street between Sept. 29 and Oct. 1.

• A thief stole a Ford parked on Seigel Street near White Street between Sept. 28 at 4 pm and Oct. 1 at 11 pm.

• A thief stole a Nissan on White Street near McKibbin Street overnight on Sept. 26.

Cash snatched

A thief stole $1,011 from a Nissan parked on Broadway on Sept. 29.

The driver told cops that he parked near Havemeyer Street at 6 pm, but when he returned 30 minutes later, he saw the passenger-side rear window broken and the money was gone.

Motor movers

At least two two-wheeled machines were swiped:

• A thief stole a moped on Metropolitan Avenue near Kent Avenue overnight on Sept. 21.

• A thief took a motorcycle on Broadway near Berry Street sometime between 12:30 and 10 am on Sept. 29.

— Aaron Short