Lots of iPhones are swiped

Slap unhappy

A man robbed a woman of her iPhone on Smith Street on Sept. 13.

The victim said she was texting on her phone near Degraw Street at 11:55 pm when she was struck in the back, forcing her to drop the device. The menace quickly snatched the 29-year-old victim’s Apple and ran off.

Cold Coffey

Two thugs robbed two men of their iPhones in Coffey Park on Sept. 13.

The victims told cops that they were inside the greenspace, at Verona and Dwight streets, at around 3:15 pm when a man brandished a handgun and demanded money.

At that point, his partner in crime chimed in, “Give up your phone.”

The perps took the loot — two Apple phones, $50 and credit cards — and quickly fled.

No fair way

Someone plucked a woman’s wallet from her Fairway shopping cart on Sept 2.

The 45-year-old victim said she noticed the wallet was gone when she was attempting to pay for her items at around 10 am inside the store, at Van Brunt and Reed streets.

The thief made off with 14 credit and bank cards.

Fashion crime

Cops nabbed a man who thought his illegal knife was a fashion accessory on Sept 14.

The man was near Baltic and Bond streets at around 10:35 pm, wearing a gravity knife clipped to his belt. The “fashion” police spied the knife and swiftly charged the 30-year-old with criminal possession of a weapon.

Where’s the beef?

Three men stole a bag of money from a meat delivery truck on Smith Street on Sept 16.

Cops said the T-bone trio reached into the 46-year-old victim’s passenger-side window between 9:12 am and 9:20 am, snatching a bag containing $3,000. The suspects were caught on video fleeing from the scene, at Sackett Street, so it is only a matter of time before they are chopped liver.

— Gary Buiso