Loud and clear

Fed up with the noise reverberating from a local rental hall, residents, police and politicos held a closed-door meeting with Party Central owner Carlo Muraco last week to tell him to turn it down.

And now, neighbors of the noisy venue have a new 311 number to call when things get out of hand — the owner’s personal phone.

“He gave out his telephone number to everyone at the meeting,” said neighbor Jim Rogers, who lives behind Party Central. “So if he starts getting calls at two in the morning, I don’t think he’s going to be too happy about it, and that might make him do something.”

For months, neighbors have complained that the noise coming from tha hall on Flatbush Avenue between Quentin Road and Avenue R is so loud that it shakes Hendrickson Street homes behind it.

While we we’re not permitted to attend the meeting, those that did said Muraco was willing to listen to reason.

“The parties are going to end earlier and [Muraco] is going to restrict use of certain parts of the building and the backyard,” said Reeves Eisen, spokeswoman for Councilman Lew Fidler (D-Marine Park), who hosted the meeting.

But in the past advice to Muraco has fallen on deaf ears.

Two months ago, police suggested he install soundpoofing and fix a broken window in the space to help keep the noise contained.

According to Lt. Robert Haley, while the window has been fixed, the soundproofing is yet to be installed.

Despite giving out his number to neighbors, calls to Muraco by us were not returned.

Police officers from the 63rd Precinct have shut down parties and issued at least one ticket to Party Central during the past two months.

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