Lout breaks senior’s arm in brutal robbery

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Brutal bag snatcher

A lout robbed an elderly lady on Brighton Third Street on Jan. 28 — and caused her to break her shoulder in the attack.

The victim told cops she was between Neptune and Ocean View avenues at 1:30 am when the brute approached her, pushed her to the ground, and snatched her handbag.

The woman sustained a broken right shoulder and a laceration on her right hand from falling to the ground, cops said.

The villain then fled towards Ocean View Avenue, according to the authorities.

Double trouble

Two bandits threatened a Neptune Avenue bodega worker at gunpoint and stole cash on Jan. 29.

The villains walked in the store near Ocean Parkway at 4:40 am wearing bandanas and hopped the counter, according to police. The two told the employee not to move while one of the louts showed his silver gun, cops said.

The nogoodniks then bagged $500 from the register and took the employee’s phone before fleeing towards Coney Island Avenue, according to the authorities.

Police said they were able to recover the phone at Coney Island Avenue near Ocean View Avenue, but could not find the baddies.

Sneak attack

A worm stole a woman’s handbag at Corbin Place on Jan. 31.

The victim was near Oriental Boulevard at 7:10 pm when the weasel came up from behind and grabbed her bag, pulling her to the ground, and causing pain to her right leg, cops said.


Police arrested a man for allegedly assaulting another man on Brighton Sixth Street on Feb. 1.

Authorities say the suspect grabbed the victim by his arm and demanded money and beer at Brighton Beach Avenue at 12:15 am.

He then started punching the victim in the face several times — giving him a bloody nose — and snatched his pack of cigarettes, according to cops.

Unhelpful hands

Two laborers stole tools from a man on Coney Island Avenue on Jan. 7.

The victim hired the two men to do some demolition work in his basement near Brighton 10th Path using their own tools and gave them access to it for a few days at 11 am.

The victim told the men, one of whom is known as “Big Daddy,” that the tools in the basement couldn’t be removed, but he noticed a few days later that hammers were missing, according to cops.

A witness told the victim that they saw Big Daddy and his partner in crime carrying the tools into a white truck, police said.

Big money

A filcher extorted tens of thousands of dollars from a man at W. Fifth Street on Jan. 30.

The hoaxer called the victim near W. Brighton Avenue at 2:15 pm and told him he would be arrested if he didn’t send money to a Manhattan-based company, according to police.

The victim then wired the company $50,000, cops said.

— Kevin Duggan