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Lout robs pizza delivery man at gunpoint

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Pizza pirate

A scoundrel robbed a pizza delivery employee at gunpoint on Bragg Street on Sept. 19.

The delivery person was looking for the location, which cops described as a fake address, when he was met by the gun-wielding brigand, who demanded the four boxes of pizza and his valuables, including his wallet, iPhone 6 Plus, and $200, near Avenue W at 10 pm, the police said.

Apple looter

A looter ransacked a person’s home and stole an Apple television on Jaffray Street on Sept. 17.

The thief entered through the unlocked side entrance near Shore Boulevard at 8:30 am and stole the television, according to police.

Cash swipe

A burglar took cash from a man’s E. 21st Street apartment on E. 21st Street.

The crook broke the front door lock on the home near Avenue P at 7 pm and stole $400, cops reported.

Unexpected guest

A woman invaded a man’s Southgate home on Sept. 20 and stole his window screen.

The victim told police he was sleeping in his apartment near Avenue X at 10:40 pm when he woke up and noticed a woman in his bedroom.

Police say she entered the apartment through the rear fire escape and fled with the screen upon the victim waking.

The woman legged it toward W. First Street and then toward Avenue W, according to the police report.

— Brianna Kudisch

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