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Lout stabs man in the arm in botched robbery

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Stabbed on the street

A good-for-nothing stabbed a guy in the arm and tried to steal his money on West Street on Jan. 9, police said.

The victim told police he was walking towards Six Village Road at about 11:15 pm and when he got to West Street between Avenues V and U, the lout came up to him with a silver object in his right hand. The crook said “Give me your money,” and then stabbed the victim with the instrument in his left upper arm, and then pushed the guy and fled towards Avenue U, according to authorities.

Caught ’em

Police cuffed two guys who they say stole a teen’s jacket and threatened to hurt him on Nostrand Avenue on Jan. 11.

The 15-year-old victim told police the two suspects surrounded him near Quentin Road at about 3 pm, grabbed him by the arm, and demanded his sweater and Michael Kors jacket. But when the teen refused, the suspects said “I’m gonna lay you out,” officials said.

One of the suspects had a black gravity knife on him, according to authorities.

Cash deposit

Two punks stole a senior’s cash and credit card and threatened him outside of an Avenue Z bank on Jan. 12, police said.

The 72-year-old victim told police he had just left the bank near E. 14th Street at about 11:45 am when the two malefactors came up to him, one holding a gun and the other a knife, and said “Give me all your money.”

The knife-wielding man swiped the victim’s wallet with $1,000 in it along with a Citibank credit card, driver’s license, Access-A-Ride card, and cleaning card for Coney Island Hospital, officials said.

The two jerks fled in a black Nissan Maxima on Avenue Z, according to authorities.

Three against one

Three nogoodniks punched a guy in the face and swiped his wallet at the Sheepshead Bay Road subway station on on Jan. 14, police said.

The victim told police he was sitting on a bench waiting for a Coney Island-bound Q train at the station near E. 15th Street at about 11:10 pm when the three baddies came up to him, and one asked for $20. The crooks then asked for his wallet and punched him in the face causing injuries to his mouth, nose, and left eye, officials said.

The villains fled the station with the guy’s wallet containing cash and credit cards, and the victim ran after them to the Neck Road station where they boarded the Coney Island-bound Q train, according to authorities.

Stolen silver

A sneak swiped thousands of dollars worth of silver flatware from an 87-year-old’s home Avenue R sometime overnight on Jan. 10, police said.

The victim’s son checks in on his elderly father’s home every day, and told police that when he arrived on Jan. 11 at about 3:30 pm, noticed that the kitchen door had been forced open, police said.

The burglar had rummaged through the upstairs rooms and took the utensils from the china cabinet in the dining room, officials said.

Luxury break-in

A rogue broke into a guy’s home on W. 10th Street and stole thousands of dollars in jewelry on Jan. 12, police said.

The reprobate broke into the home near 86th Street at about 5:15 pm through a first-floor window and then pried open the door and took it off its hinges, officials said.

The baddie raided the home and stole two clear stone rings, bangles, jade pendant necklaces, and metal pendants, then fled through the front door, according to authorities.

Cash break

A burglar broke into a woman’s Quentin Road home on Jan. 13 and stole a wad of cash, police said.

The woman told authorities she returned to her home near E. 14th Street at about 7 pm and found the window wide open, the window screen removed, and her apartment ransacked. The intruder swiped $6,500 from a drawer, police said.

That’s a lot of garbage

Three nogoodniks broke into a guy’s basement storage room on Homecrest Avenue and stole boxes of garbage bags on Jan. 14, police said.

The superintendent of the apartment building near Avene V told police he saw surveillance video of the three baddies breaking down a wooden wall to get into the basement storage room at about 5:30 pm and swiped the boxes of black, blue, clear, and tubing garbage bags, according to authorities. The jerks fled toward Avenue U, police said.

— Julianne Cuba

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