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Louts choke and rob man

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Choke hold-up

A pair of goons choked a man and stole $180 from him on 25th Avenue on Feb. 20, police said.

Cops say the duo approached the man from behind at 85th Street just before 11 am, and one began to choke him while the other grabbed the cash from the man’s pocket. The pair then fled on foot, on 85th Street towards Stillwell Avenue, police said.

Unwelcome guest

A thief ransacked a Benson Avenue home and stole $90 and a Louis Vuitton bag on Feb. 23.

The crook broke into the home between Bay 40th and Bay 41st streets through a rear bedroom window at some point between 5:30 pm and 7 pm, according to police. The homeowner was napping downstairs, and told police he had heard footsteps but thought they were his daughter’s.

Overdrawn account

A good-for-nothing stole a Bay Ridge Parkway woman’s identity to open a Verizon account in her name, to which she charged $545, the woman reported to police on Feb. 23.

The crook somehow stole the social security number of the woman, who lives near 17th Avenue, to open the account. She received the letter notifying her of the account being opened on Feb. 20, and told police it was opened last August.

Musical chairs

A feng shui enthusiast broke into a 21st Avenue home through a bedroom window on Feb. 24 and moved around the homeowners’ furniture and belongings before bolting.

The intruder entered the home between Benson and Bath avenues at around 4 pm, police said, and nothing was reported missing.

Grabbed and gone

A lying cab driver stole $25 and a phone from a woman after he dropped her off at her 24th Avenue home on Feb. 24.

The theft occurred just after 5:15 am, when the driver pulled up to the woman’s residence between 86th and Benson avenues. When the woman went to pay for the cab, the driver grabbed the cash and the iPhone out of her hand and fled on foot.

Eye for an eye

A pair of good-for-nothings struck a man in the eye, causing a minor laceration, at the New Utrecht Avenue station on Feb. 20, before rummaging through his pockets to steal $50, his phone, and his state ID card.

One of the two brutes struck the man’s right eye at the station at 66th Street just after 2 pm, and the duo then grabbed the goods from his pockets while he was on the ground. They fled on foot in an unknown direction.

— Julianne McShane

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