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Louts punch women on train

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Train tussle

A pair of worms punched two women in the face and tried to take one of their phones on a Manhattan-bound Q train at Atlantic Avenue station on Aug. 27.

The two boarded the train at Church Avenue station at 9:05 pm and were scoping it out when one of the rogues punched the first victim on the right side of the face, police said. Her friend stood up to help her, but the villain punched her in the face, too, according to authorities.

The train eventually stopped at the station near Flatbush Avenue, and one of the louts tried to take one of the women’s phones, but were unsuccessful and fled, according to a report.


Police are searching for two baddies who they say held up a guy with a gun on St. Edwards Street on Aug. 29.

The victim told police he was near Fort Greene Park at Myrtle Avenue at 8:05 pm when the creeps approached him and asked for the time. One of the nogoodniks then pulled out a silver gun and demanded, “Give me all your property or you will die tonight,” authorities said. The pirates took the man’s iPhone, headphones, and $60, and fled, according to cops.

Held up

A trio of snakes robbed a guy by threatening him with a gun on Washington Park on Aug. 30.

The 20-year-old man was strolling on Washington Avenue at 1 am when the three punks flashed a gun and took his debit card, credit card, and iPhone, he told police.


A thief stole a woman’s iPhone while she was aboard a Downtown-bound B25 bus near Grand Avenue on Aug. 29.

The lady was sitting on the bus near Fulton Street at 7:15 pm when her Bluetooth headphones disconnected and she felt her back pocket where her cellphone was get lighter, a report said.

She thought she had dropped her phone on the seat or floor, but it wasn’t there. The victim then noticed a man leaning forward in his seat towards her, authorities said. He got off at the same stop as her. The phone was tracked to Bedford-Stuyvesant, but it was not recovered, according to cops.


Some weasel snatched a guy’s bag after he tripped and dropped it on Flatbush Avenue on Sept. 2.

The man was walking near Fulton Street at 5 pm when he tripped and let go of his bag, contianing $169, credit cards, and his license. The filcher then lifted it off the ground and fled, according to a report.

— Lauren Gill

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