Louts stab man on 84th Street

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

A slice of leg

Three brutes stabbed a guy on 84th Street on Aug. 15, cops say.

The victim told cops he was walking near 25th Avenue around 1:45 pm when the trio approached him. One of them said “what up, homie?” before stabbing him twice, in the leg and in the torso near his armpit, and fleeing, police reported.


Some lout robbed a woman while she worked out at an 86th Street gym on Aug. 19, police say.

The victim told officers she left her wallet in an an unlocked locker in the fitness center near 19th Avenue around 4:30. When she returned, someone had swiped it, cops said.

Five on one

Five jerks assaulted and tried to rob a guy on Avenue O on Aug. 18, cops say.

The victim told police the brutes approached him near W. Seventh Street around 11:05 pm and asked “what hood you from?” before demanding he empty his pockets. The victim then ran away, but the jerks chased him and punched him in the face when they caught up with him, he told police.


Some brute assaulted a guy on 86th Street on Aug. 19, police say.

The report claims the brute whalloped the victim in the head with a piece of wood near 20th Avenue around 3:30 am, causing two deep lacerations to the victim’s head.

— Ben Verde