Lundy’s home to become home to surf and turf

Surf and turf is coming back to Lundy’s.

Lundy’s house, that is.

The owner of the home that once belonged to restauranteur Irving Lundy — who ran Lundy’s, the nation’s largest seafood restaurant, until his death in 1977 — says he’s reeled in a steakhouse and seafood restaurant that will both open soon in the East 19th Street residence.

Steve Pappas, who owns the building behind the landmark restaurant, has inked a deal to open a 70-seat seafood restaurant on the first floor of the building, located behind Momoyama hibachi steakhouse on Emmons Avenue. That restaurant should be open in July or August.

On top of that (literally), Pappas says he’s near a deal that will bring an upscale chophouse to the top two floors of Lundy’s home, which Pappas says he’s invested over a $1 million to convert into a restaurant space.

The home had been vacant since Lundy’s death.

Pappas said he’s near a deal with Meritus Food Group, who say they will open a steakhouse with “Smith & Wollensky”-like name recognition.

“It’s certainly not going to be a burger joint,” said Domenic Crispino, spokesman for Meritus.