Mac attack! Apple brands Ft. Greene theater ahead of Bklyn event

Mac attack! Apple brands Ft. Greene theater ahead of Bklyn event
Making its mark: Apple stamped its logo on Fort Greene’s Brooklyn Academy of Music earlier this week ahead of a special event it is hosting there.
Photo by Brianna Kudisch

How ’bout this Apple?

Bigwigs at the Silicon Valley tech giant branded a Brooklyn Academy of Music building with the firm’s ubiquitous white-apple logo this week ahead of the anticipated product launch they will host at the Fort Greene theater on Tuesday.

The California-based company with a cult following is hosting an event at the Howard Gilman Opera House on Lafayette Avenue — blocks from the new Downtown Apple Store they opened on Flatbush Avenue last year — where it is expected to reveal new Mac and iPad products, according to reports, about a month after debuting the latest iteration of the iPhone.

Apple execs paid to rent the theater for the event, according to a Bam spokeswoman, and they will tear down the logo following the session — which this newspaper is still waiting on an invitation to, especially after its editor-in-chief wrote a beautifully worded defense of the brand’s pricey products and why they still matter.

Fortunately for those like us whose invites must’ve been lost in the mail, the geniuses at Apple will be live-streaming the event at the Downtown store at 132 Flatbush Ave. from 10 am to 1 pm.

But the tech titan could come to town and share the news without plastering its paraphernalia on the stately Beaux Arts building, according to one observer who blasted the branding on social media.

“This is an assault on public space,” journalist Kiera Feldman wrote on Twitter.

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