MacCrook! Thief snatches computers on McKibbin Street

90th Precinct



A thief stole two computers and an iPhone from a McKibbin Street apartment on April 22.

One tenant closed the door to his room near Bushwick Avenue at 5:15 am, but when his roommate woke up three hours later, he saw that all their stuff was gone.

Phone gone

A crook stole a 15-year-old boy’s cell phone on the Hewes Street J train platform on April 21.

The victim told police that he was waiting for a Queens-bound train at 7:30 pm when the perp grabbed the phone and ran down the stairs toward Broadway.

iPad pilfered

A crook allegedly snatched a woman’s iPad on the Manhattan-bound J train at Lorimer Street on April 23 before cops cuffed a suspect a few blocks away.

The thief snatched the iPad from the straphanger’s hands at 1:10 am and fled from the station toward Broadway, the victim cops. The victim gave chase, shouting, “I’m going to call the police!”

Officers responded and arrested a suspect nearby, according to police documents.

Computer hacked

A thief stole a laptop from a Seigel Street apartment.

The victim left his apartment at 5 pm on April 20, but when he returned at 2 am the next morning, he realized his computer had disappeared, police say.

Acura taken

A fiend stole an Acura parked on Hope Street on April 20.

The driver parked her car at 8 am near Keap Street, but when she returned at 8 pm, she realized the vehicle — and the computer she had left inside — were gone.

— Aaron Short