Macy’s worker steals customer’s credit card!

It’s a steal

Talk about bad customer service! Cops arrested a Macy’s employee for using a customer’s card number on Sept. 4.

The victim told cops that he forgot his card at the Fulton Street department store, which is between Gallatin Place and Hoyt Street, at 2:15 pm.

When his wife went to the store shortly afterward to retrieve the card, the perp confessed that he had charged more than $350 worth of goodies on it. The creep then vowed to pay back the cash, but tried to escape instead, and was later arrested by cops.

Pillage people

Some creep stole a wallet out of a YMCA locker on Atlantic Avenue on Sept 2.

The victim told cops that he locked his belongings inside the gym, which is near Boreum Place, at 11:30 am, but his stuff was gone an hour later.

Laptop lament

Some creep made off with two laptops from a Jay Street business early on Sept. 2.

The victim told cops that he left Better Than Fiction Production, which is located near Water Street, at 6:30 pm and returned at 9:45 am to find the electronics gone.

Snapshot steal

Some jerk stole $3,250 worth of camera equipment from an office on Jay Street on Aug. 31.

Employees told cops that the perp must have entered the office, which is located near Water Street, between 10 am and 4 pm, when he made off with a camera and several accessories.


Some creep stole a Blackberry phone from a woman on the B-41 bus on Livingston Street on Sept. 3.

The victim told cops that her bus was near Smith Street at around 8:45 pm when the creep grabbed the phone right out of her hand. A struggle ensued, but the jerk got the phone, exited the bus, and fled on foot.

Thespian thug

Some jerk posing as a long-lost friend robbed a man with a razor on Willoughby Street on Sept. 3.

The victim told cops that the creep approached him at 2 pm near Lawrence Street and said the victim looked familiar. The two exchanged phone numbers, and the perp claimed he knew the victim’s cousin. Then the jerk pulled a razor blade out of his mouth and stole $1,525 in cash and jewelry.

Hatched scheme

Some perps broke into a house on Bond Street and made off with a violin worth $25,000.

The victim told cops that he left the apartment, which is between Dean and Bergen streets, at 9 pm on Sept. 1. When he returned at 9:45 am on Sept. 3, he found the expensive instrument missing. The creeps used a roof hatch to enter and exit the house.

Subway stickup

A gun-toting thug held up a man on the R train near the DeKalb Avenue stop on Aug. 31.

The victim said that the perp got on the train at 11:40 am, sat next to him, flashed a firearm, and said, “Whatever you have in your pockets, give it to me.” The creep got $15 before he exited at Court Street.

Wheel thefts

• Some jerk stole a BMW motorcycle parked on Orange Street on Aug. 31. The owner returned at 8:30 am to find it gone.

• A thief stole a 2006 Vespa that was parked on Jay Street overnight on Sept. 3. The victim told cops that he locked the scooter between York and Front streets at 11 pm. When he returned at 8 am, it was gone.

— Joe Anuta