Man bites man on F train


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Chewed out!

Police arrested a man for allegedly biting a guy in the face on the F train on Oct. 18.

The victim told police that the suspect allegedly lunged toward him unprovoked aboard a Manhattan-bound train at Smith and Ninth streets and sank his teeth into the victim’s cheek.

Cops collared the suspect for felony assault charges, while paramedics brought the victim to Methodist hospital for treatment, according to police reports. 


Some jerk smacked a guy with a cane during a robbery on Joralemon Street on Oct. 18.

The victim told police that the brute picked up the stick off the ground at Court Street at 1:40 pm, before hitting him over the head and running off with his phone. 

Up in smoke!

A villain held up a smoke shop on Livingston Street on Oct. 13.

The victim told police that simulated having a gun inside the storefront at Nevins Street at 3:30 am before jumping over the counter and emptying the register, bagging a total of $300. 

Peer pressure

Cops arrested a guy for allegedly robbing $1,000 from another guy at Flatbush Avenue on Oct. 13.

The victim told police that the suspect and two other box-knife wielding baddies allegedly forced the victim to withdraw cash from a bank machine near Fulton Mall at around 3:25 pm, before running off with the ill-gotten green. 

Police collared one of the men on felony robbery charges at the scene, according to police reports. 

Clean sweep!

A looter raided a Livingston Street dry cleaners in the early hours of Oct 17.

A store worker told police that the bandit busted the front glass door of the storefront between Hoyt and Smith streets at 1:40 am and raided all four registers, snagging $450 in cash.