Man fights off muggers!

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Mugging foiled

A man fought off two knife-wielding thugs who tried to steal his iPhone on Hicks Street on Oct. 24.

The fearless would-be victim said that he was near Pineapple Street at 10 pm when one of the men held a knife to his throat and asked for his cellphone.

He responded by punching that thief in the face, prompting both men to run off.

iPhone bandits

At least five iPhones and two other cellphones were stolen last week, though police said they recovered one of the missing devices. Here are the details:

• Three thieves stole a man’s iPhone on a Manhattan-bound N train near the DeKalb Avenue subway station at 5:30 am on Oct. 23.

• A thief swiped an iPhone from a man on the Manhattan-bound Q-train platform at the DeKalb Avenue subway station at 2 pm on Oct 28.

• A thief stole an iPhone from a woman on the Manhattan-bound C-train platform at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn Street station at 1 pm on Oct. 29.

• A thief swiped an iPhone from a shopper on Fulton Street near Jay Street at 11 am on Oct. 30.

• Police arrested a man who allegedly stole an iPhone at gunpoint on Willow Place on Oct. 28. The victim said he was between Joralemon and State streets at 10:45 pm when he was robbed by a gun-toting thug. Police recovered a device, and the victim said it was his missing cellphone.

• A thief stole a woman’s cellphone as she entered the Jay Street-Metrotech subway station on Jay Street at Willoughby Street at 4:30 pm on Oct. 24.

• A thief swiped a woman’s cellphone from an office on Court Street between Remsen and Montague streets at around 12:30 pm on Oct. 25, the victim said.

Purse strung

A thief stole a woman’s purse from a store on the Fulton Mall on Oct. 25.

The woman told police that she had hung the purse from her daughter’s stroller while she shopped at Children’s Place, between Pearl and Adams streets, at 11 am. When she left the store one hour later, she realized the purse was missing.

Thief nabbed

Cops nabbed a woman who allegedly stole a purse from a shopper on Fulton Street on Oct. 25.

The shopper said that she was inside Conway, between Pearl and Jay streets, at 10:20 am when she noticed the bag was missing. Cops arrested a woman who they said had the stolen purse.

iPad jacked

Thieves stole an iPad from an apartment on Livingston Street overnight on Oct. 28.

The occupant said that she left her home, between Court and Clinton streets, at 10:30 pm. When she returned at 3:10 am, her front door was open and the tablet device was missing.

Bike jacked

A heartless thug gershed a deaf man’s bicycle on Gold Street on Oct. 28.

The victim told police he locked the bike near Myrtle Avenue at 3:30 am. His ride was missing when he returned two hours later.

Gym rat

A thief broke into a gym locker on Joralemon Street on Oct. 26.

The fitness fiend said he left the unit unlocked at his gym, between Court and Clinton streets, before heading for a workout at 9:45 pm. When he returned, his driver’s license, cellphone and credit cards were missing.

Diamond caper

A thief stole a $4,800-diamond ring from a Fulton Street shop sometime between Oct. 22 and Oct. 27.

The store’s owner said he left the shop, near Flatbush Avenue Extension, at 6:30 pm on Oct. 22. When he returned five days later, the fancy diamond ring was missing.

ATM fee

A thief snatched a wallet from an ATM in a bank on Flatbush Avenue on Oct. 28.

The victim said she left the wallet by mistake at the automated teller, between Lawrence and Bridge streets, at 2:45 pm. When she returned to retrieve it at 5 pm, it was gone.

Train pain

A thief hauled in a cool $15 when he stole a man’s wallet on G train as it pulled up to the Hoyt-Schermerhorn Street station on Oct. 26.

The victim said she was on the Queens-bound “Brooklyn Local” at around 12:25 pm when the thief grabbed his nearly empty wallet and fled.

Love lost

Two men assaulted a woman on Henry Street on Oct. 27 but fled without stealing her bag after she refused to hand it over.

The victim said she was near Love Lane at 11:05 pm when the thugs approached, and one said, “Give me your bag!” When she refused, they threw her to the ground and ran away.

Boutique bust

A man stole a laptop and cash from an Atlantic Avenue boutique on Oct. 24.

A worker at the store, between Bond and Hoyt streets, said that the man entered at 1:35 pm claiming to have a gun. He made off with the computer, $500 and a wallet.

Eye-opening heist

Thieves stole $17,834-worth of goods from a Livingston Street optometrist sometime overnight on Oct. 25.

The store’s owner said he left the shop, between Elm Place and Hoyt Street, at 6 pm and returned the next morning at 9:50 to find a side door damaged. Closer inspection revealed that 66 eyeglass frames were missing.

Con artists

Two hustlers stole a whopping $35,000 from a woman whom they met in a Livingston Street discount store on Oct. 25.

The con artists approached the woman inside the store near Fulton Street at 10:30 am and convinced her to part with the money, which she took from her home and an account at a bank on Flatbush and Nostrand avenues.

It is unclear why she turned over the cash.

— Daniel Bush

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