Man goes on alleged rampage

90th Precinct


Busy bee

Police say a crazy criminal’s two-day rampage included trashing a Union Avenue gas station on Feb. 18, robbing a Havemeyer Street Chase bank, and car jacking a Nissan parked near Broadway before being arrested.

The manager of the gas station near Meserole Street told police that the vandal entered the store at 11:25 pm, demanding, “Give me some gas, money, cigarettes, you’re gonna die tonight!”

The hooligan then allegedly started destroying the store, slashed the manager across his head with a knife, took some cash from the register, and ran down S. Fourth Street.

Then at 6:10 am the next day, the suspect was back at it: he allegedly threw a garbage can into the glass door of a Havemeyer Chase branch, and stole $608 in change from behind the counter.

But he didn’t stop there.

The owner of a Nissan parked outside the bank near Broadway told police that the evildoer threatened him with a knife, then stole his car, speeding toward S. Second Street before ditching it.

Police arrested a man the next morning.

Wythe homicide

A gunman shot a Williamsburg man inside his Wythe Avenue apartment on Feb. 16.

Officials say David Boutron, 41, was found on the floor of this apartment near S. Sixth Street at 3:30 pm. He had three gunshot wounds in his body, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Detectives are still searching for a suspect.

Pocketbook pusher

A thief stole a pocketbook from a 76-year-old woman on Marcy Avenue on Feb. 15.

The victim told police she was near Williamsburg Street East at 4:40 pm when the snatcher grabbed her purse with $400 in it, forcing her to the ground.

Dance machine

A thug beat up a man and stole his cash outside of a Graham Avenue lounge on Feb. 18.

The victim told police that he had been dancing with a woman inside of the club. When he stepped outside at 2:33 am, several hoodlums approached him, he said.

He said one thug hit him in the head with a brick, grabbed $250 from his wallet, and fled.


A thief stole an iPhone from a man on the Lorimer Street J train platform on Feb. 17.

The victim told cops that he was on the Brooklyn-bound platform at 11:30 am when the thug approached him and snatched his iPhone. The victim chased after him, but an accomplice pushed him toward the tracks, he said, and the thief made off with the cell.

Sham wow

Two thugs allegedly robbed a Borinquen Place café and cut its owner’s neck on Feb. 17, but were later arrested.

The victim told police that he was inside the Wow Café with his wife at 8:10 pm when the robbers cut the door open and demanded money.

The manager gave one $5, but the thieves threatened for more. When he refused, one slashed the man’s neck before running toward Keap Street, he told officials. Police later arrested two men.

Two days later, a burglar stole five cases of Corona beer from the eatery.

The manager said he locked up the café at 1:30 am on Feb. 19, but when he returned 12 hours later, the beers were gone.

Bagel burglary

A thief stole $2,671 from a Metropolitan Avenue bagel store on Feb. 13.

The manager told cops that he locked up The Bagel Store near Graham Avenue at 12:30 am, but when he returned at 6:13 the next morning, he saw the padlock was missing from the gate and three envelopes of cash were gone.

McKibbin rent

A thief stole $1,200 from a jewelry box inside a McKibbin Court apartment on Feb. 13.

The tenant said she left her apartment near McKibbin Street at 9:30 am, but when she returned at 3 pm, her cash was gone.

Arsenal stolen

A thief stole several holsters, magazine rounds, gun belts and bullet-proof vests from a car parked on Bedford Avenue on Feb. 17.

The driver parked his car near S. Fourth Street at 2:30 am, but when he returned at 10:15 am, his stuff was missing.

— Aaron Short

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