Man, how things have gotten worse since 5769!

Am I better off now than I was four years ago? Lemme see. Four years ago the price of gasoline was about half of what it is today. Depending on what my family eats and where I buy the food, I am paying 20 to 30 percent more now than I did four years ago.

So of course, the answer is NO!

I, and most of you, were better off in 2008 than we are today. I fail to understand how the results of a recent survey stated that 28 percent of Americans say that they are better off now. Then again, those 28 percent probably don’t drive, and perhaps they don’t eat.

Is my country better off now than it was four years ago? We just passed the $16 trillion mark on the national debt meter. That’s an increase of five trillion in the past four years. We now have an 8.1 percent unemployment rate and my president has done zippo about it.

I think the only job he is concerned with is his own. I love the bull from the talking heads on MSNBC who state that President Obama has created 3.1 million jobs. Even if that were true, what about the other 12.8 million workers who remain unemployed? Boasting about the creation of jobs in this situation is like me sitting in on a late-night poker game and telling my wife all about the winning hands that totaled $1,000, but not saying a word about the losing hands that totaled 10 grand.

I also watch CNN, HLN and, of course, FOX. I get a kick out of talking to people who tell me they hate FOX.

“Do you ever watch it?”

“No! I never watch it”

“If you never watch it, how do you know you hate it?”

“I hate it because it is all right-wingers.”

“Are you familiar with the following names? Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, Lannie Davis, Alan Colmes, Joe Trippi, Kirsten Powers, and Dr. Mark Lamont Hill? They are all left-wingers who present convincing arguments for their side, and they were all on the air the same day.”

FOX presents many left-wingers every single day and some of them have even accomplished the impossible. They have me agreeing with their arguments — but not enough to get me to vote with them.

As of right now, with the national debt on the rise and the United States slowly sinking into the sewers of socialism, the big question is, who will save America? I don’t know if Romney can, but I do know that, based on his abysmal record, President Obama can’t.

My choice is clear. What about yours?

• • •

The convention crowd was asked if they are better off. They shouted a resounding “Yes!” Of course they are. The room was filled with union organizers, government employees, and the politically connected who always receive wage increases and wonderful benefits, including marvelous pensions. Most of America cannot relate to them. It was also filled with loud boos from half of those present who rejected God and Jerusalem, an embarrassing moment for the Democrat Party. We reside in the United States of America, “one nation, under God” and “in God we trust.” According to Gallup’s most-recent survey, 90 percent of America still believes in God.

With both God and Jerusalem in mind, I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net wishing those of my people who are still followers a happy, healthy, prosperous, and safe 5773. I just got used to writing 5772!

Stan Gershbein's column appears every Monday on BrooklynDaily.com.

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