Man in car steals bag on street

94th Precinct


Drive by

A perp stole a woman’s bag on Wythe Avenue on Sept. 14.

The victim was near N. Ninth Street at 10:40 am when the perp drove up and stopped in front of her. He got out of the car, pushed her to the ground, and grabbed her bag.

She tried to fight him, but he wrestled the bag away and drove away.

Plumb gone

A thief stole $2,000 worth of tools from a Lorimer Street basement on Sept. 16.

The homeowner left his home at 3:35 pm, but when he returned to the apartment near Richardson Street three hours later, he saw his tools were missing.

Car trouble

A thief stole a backpack and wallet from a car on N. 10th Street.

The driver parked near Bedford Avenue at 11:10 am on Sept. 16, but when she returned to the spot an hour later, she saw the backpack was missing.

Fur-tive thief

A thief stole a fur hat, phone charger and Thermos from a car parked on N. Fifth Street on Sept. 18.

The driver parked near Berry Street at 1 am and he returned 12 hours later to find that his car was unlocked and his stuff was gone.

Police later arrested a suspect who was selling the exact same hat at a nearby pawn shop.

Laser surgery

A thief stole a drill set and laser cutter from a car on N. 10th Street overnight on Sept. 17.

The driver parked at Berry Street at 6 pm, but when he returned at 10 am the next day, his stuff was gone.

Road rage

At least three cars were stolen last week:

• A thief stole a Ford on Kent Avenue near N. Eighth Street between Sept. 11 at 3 pm and Sept. 12 at 9 am.

• A thief stole a Chevy from a parking lot on N. Fifth Street near Kent Avenue between early on Sept 13 and Sept. 15.

• A thief stole a Beemer from Eckford Street overnight on Sept. 14.

The driver parked near Greenpoint Avenue at 10 pm, but the car was gone when he returned at 11 am the next day.

— Aaron Short

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